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Almost Famous Body Piercing Jewelry
From body piercing to the largest selection of body jewelry in the area, Almost Famous Body Piercing is your first stop for punctuating your personal style. We offer MANY different kinds of piercings, including earlobes,industrial,tongue,exotics,nipple,ear cartilage(includes tragus, anti-tragus, rook, and all other cartilage ear piercings), eyebrow,lip,navel,nostril,labret,monroe,vertical labret, and more!
350 East Broadway
Magnolia, Ky 55425 - Get Map
Ph. 952-854-8000 
Pieces Of Argentina Jewelry
Pieces of Argentina brings you the essence of Argentina in this unique, hand crafted collection of jewelry and leather wears.
3420 SE 2nd Street
Campbellsville, Ky 34471-2950 - Get Map
Ph. 3527323145 
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